Reactions to Authentic Hope & Wholeness

FAHW drop shadowLet us know what you think of Dr. Kathy’s new book. We’d love to post some interesting comments to encourage others. Did something in her book help you? Surprise you? Encourage you? How is God using the Model for Authentic Hope and Wholeness in your life? Please email and let us know. Kathy will read each comment and we’ll post representative thoughts from readers.

“Kathy, your book was the cause of my going to bed really late. Once I began to read it, it grabbed hold of me and I found myself reading page after page, even though they weren’t in consecutive order!!! (Maybe that is because I am very random!!!) Anyway, now to the beginning and to carefully read the book through to let God use it in my life! That process has already started with my reading hither and yon last night. You have written it in the first person and have been very honest with illustrations even from your own life. God bless you! I rather felt like you were sitting beside me and sharing with me. I am just overwhelmed with how God has been meeting each need as I have gone through the deep, deep waters, that are becoming less deep. Yesterday He brought your book to me and Romans 15:13 due to your thoughtfulness, generosity, and being tuned in to the Holy Spirit. Thank you Kathy! I am very grateful to you!!!” – a grateful reader from Pennsylvania

“This is an awesome book for anyone who is dealing with a difficult relationship, thought-process, or habit pattern. It provides real, practical help. While reading, I was able to work through a difficult relationship that has been a source of deep pain for five years. “Finding Authentic Hope and Wholeness” helped me work through what was my responsibility and what needed to be left behind as “toxic” baggage. While there has been no change in the relationship itself, the way I view it and myself has been radically changed in a positive, healing way. It has also helped me as I interact with my almost-teenage son.” – a grateful reader from Texas

“The more I read your book the better it gets. You captured a great style of familiarity and authority as you wrote. Well done!” – a reader from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

“I am about half way thru your book. It is phenomenal!! I am going to have to go back and actually do the exercises in detail. But I just don’t want to stop reading to do them. I will, I promise. I have so much work to do in the self-security area, forgiving me, allowing me not to be perfect. Seeing that as pride – was a shocker!! Who am I to have higher standards than my Lord…” – a reader from California

“You have written a truly marvelous book. The evening your book arrived, I sat down and read from cover to cover. Having had the privilege of some of these ideas of yours in earlier forms, I found myself both thrilled and delighted with how carefully and intentionally you have honed these concepts into a very readable and highly effective book. After finishing your book, I immediately ordered ten more to share with my pastors and members of my small group.” – a male reader from Pennsylvania