My alarm went off at 4:00 in the morning. Believe me, this was a highly unusual circumstance because I’ve never liked mornings. I was about 17-years-old and confident I was doing the right thing.

After turning off the alarm, I very quietly walked past my brother’s bedroom, down the stairs to the first floor, and past my parents’ bedroom. I made it to the back door of our home without anyone realizing I was awake. I only had to wait a few moments for my brother’s girlfriend to arrive.

I let Debbie in and then sat in the living room and watched as she enjoyed hiding Easter eggs for my brother to find when awaking the next morning – Easter morning. We didn’t talk and she was as quiet as could be.

Before leaving, Debbie handed me a large, blown-up, pink Easter bunny and a note that she asked me to place in Dave’s room when I got back upstairs. She headed home and I went back upstairs, placed the bunny and the card just inside my brother’s bedroom, and calmed down enough to go back to sleep.

Needless to say, the morning was fun when Dave and our parents realized Debbie had been there. Among thousands of memories with my brother and Debbie, who became his wife a year or so after this encounter with the Easter bunny, this memory is among my favorites. I enjoyed being Debbie’s partner in crime!

I was blessed that Debbie and Dave made time for me when they dated. They still make time for me and are among the most important people in my life.

Dave is a fabulous brother. As my mom was near death 11 years ago, he promised her that he’d continue to look out for me. He has always been my family. He has always been other centered, kind, generous, and interested.

My brother is a very well respected clinical chemist at Emory University and the past president of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC). I am very proud of his career achievements. But, more importantly, he is a dedicated Christ follower, a loving husband, an interested dad, and an involved grandfather.

Today is my brother’s birthday. I love him and I pray he has many more years of abundant life. What do you wish for your siblings?

Dr. Kathy