| from Dr. Kathy Koch |

I take a spiritual inventory as one year ends and another begins. Do you? I might choose to answer the following questions at other times, too. God will prompt me to use one or more questions when He knows I must.

I want my life’s focus to be Jesus. I know enough to know it won’t automatically happen. I have to think about it and plan for it.

To assess how I’m doing, I ask and answer the questions that follow. They come from various inventories and from my awareness of my own tendencies and what to be alert to. Use them if they appear complete for you and your situation. If not, adjust the list so you’re appropriately challenged to grow. And, how about helping children and teens use these, too? Imagine! To God be the glory!

  1. Do I know God better? What’s the evidence?
  2. Do I love Him more? What’s the evidence?
  3. Do I trust Him more? What’s the evidence?
  4. Is the Word of God refreshing to my soul? Do I know more of it? Do I willingly prioritize reading it, studying it, and meditating on it? What’s the evidence?
  5. Am I less attracted to the world now than I was before? What’s the evidence?
  6. Do I have a greater desire to do the will of God? Do I earnestly desire what God wants for me or do I want my own way? What’s the evidence?
  7. Do I present the Gospel when the Spirit prompts me to?
  8. Am I more disciplined? Do I more quickly recognize sin as sin and turn from it? What’s the evidence?
  9. When God chastens me, what’s my attitude? Do I choose to see God’s loving care for me? What’s the evidence?
  10. Am I more focused on pleasing God than people? Do I regularly respond to people as Christ would? What’s the evidence?
  11. Do I appropriately prioritize fellowship with my brothers and sisters in Christ? What’s the evidence?
  12. Are my times of worship rich, regular, personal, and meaningful? Do I generously and sacrificially give back to God? What’s the evidence?
  13. Do I pray confidently and expectantly? Do I wait for and recognize God’s answers? Am I appropriately grateful for all God is and does? What’s the evidence?
  14. Do I honor the Sabbath? What’s the evidence?