Inspiring children to be smart with their smarts never gets old. Encouraging and teaching children to use their smarts only for good is among our great privileges.

I think this may inspire you today. Talk about it with your children.

Alfred Nobel built bridges and buildings in Stockholm in the 1800’s. (Does his name ring a bell?) This construction work required him to blast rock. After a deadly explosion killed his younger brother in 1864, he was motivated to invent something safer so no one else would die.

Nobel named his new explosive “dynamite” after the Greek word dynamis, which means power.

Alfred Nobel was a brilliant chemist and fluent in five languages. He accumulated great wealth primarily from 355 patents. He decided he wanted to be remembered for something good. What do you and your children want to be remembered for?

Before dying, he planned the Nobel Prizes that are still awarded today. He died in 1896 with the equivalent of 8.5 million dollars at today’s rates. This money was used to establish the Nobel Prizes.

Alfred Nobel strategically planned. I find this compelling. Do you?