An Important Question

An Important Question

Teenagers inspire me. Many of them want to live life well and honor their parents. Many are confused by their own actions. They’re sometimes disappointed, too. They can be hard on themselves which adds to their stress.

When I am privileged to teach teens, they express great appreciation for new understandings. Last night I was very privileged to speak to teens who came together from several churches to hear my presentation about technology’s influence over their beliefs and behaviors. Many of them had heard me speak once or twice during the day so I didn’t have to work hard at all to get their respect and attention.

With the right style and relevant truth, teenagers are teachable, open, curious, and grateful learners. I don’t make it about their body language or how much eye contact they make with me. I don’t call them out for any negatives, but I affirm the positives I see.  I let them know it’s about their mind, heart, and soul and their choice to apply my ideas in the future.

I know body smart kids need to move or stretch out occasionally. I know that eye contact can be stressful for teens (and adults, too) when they hear the truth and then worry about what their facial feedback might give away. They were engaged and responding and that’s what I cared about.

A Humbling Question

I was humbled at the end when one of the seniors approached me with some questions. The first thing he asked me was whether I would be willing to write down some important advice for him. He explained that he asks people he meets and respects to share with him. What a mature idea!

What would you have written?

I thought and prayed for a quick minute. Which of my many beliefs would I want to put in writing for him to potentially keep as longtime motivation and inspiration? If you had just one minute to share valuable instruction or advice with someone, what would you write? I’d love to know.

Here’s what I chose to write and it’s for you today, too:

Honor God’s Word always.

Believe deep down that He did a wonderful thing when He made you you.