Are there times when one of your smarts irritates you? Or, maybe more than one? I can relate.

On Monday I drove about 40 miles from my home to the Point of View radio studio in Dallas. My logic smart kicked in big time. It was raining – kind of. Do you know what I mean? It would drizzle a bit and then stop. It would pour for a few minutes and then stop. Then it would drizzle again, rain a bit harder, go back to a drizzle, and stop altogether.

I wanted to figure out at what speed to use my wipers so I could just keep them on. … Wait. … If I’m honest, I should rewrite that sentence. … I desperately wanted to figure out at what speed to use my wipers so I could just keep them on.

I don’t want you to think I’m crazy. If you are logic smart, like me, you understand my addition of the word “desperately.”

I realized my being logic smart was interfering with my ability to enjoy the drive and worship along with my Dennis Jernigan CD. So I consciously decided to temporarily shut off that part of my brain. But, just when I made that decision, a driver behind me made what I considered to be a dangerous decision and that activated that way of thinking once again. Now I was analyzing “stupid” drivers and weather conditions. Worshiping and relaxing while I drove were again hard.

I made two decisions. I would pay attention to other drivers and the weather without analyzing them. And, I chose to tap into my music smart strengths.

This allowed me to engage with the music more deeply and enjoy the rest of the drive.

What happened when I got to the radio studio? I chose to think with my logic smart so I could effectively answer Kerby Anderson’s questions. Now my logic-smart strength expressed itself in only positive ways.

It came in handy later, too, when I met a friend for dinner. I could think through options on the menu and make decisions. But, I also used the smart to react negatively to the server’s choice to call me “Sweety.” Seriously!

No person who knows me who would call me that! Every time I heard her use the word, my brain hurt. Can you understand what I mean?

I’ve met children and adults who don’t appreciate one or more of their smarts. If this is true for you, understand that you can distract yourself from thinking in a particular way. You can choose to go to another smart and use it. Like me, you can stop analyzing and thinking with questions if you’re logic smart. If you’re self-smart, you don’t have to reflect deeply about everything. If you’re picture smart, you don’t always have to draw elaborate pictures in your mind or on paper. Right? Talk with your children about this.

Make sure your children also understand that the way they think is good, right, and important. You don’t want them to dislike some possible negative effects of a smart so much that they stop using the smart altogether. Talk about this.

It might rain here again today. I think I can handle it.