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Every Monday, I’ll post about discovering genuine hope and authentic answers for living a healthy life.

Are we safe to talk with ? Do our children know we are? Are we available to them when they have questions and concerns? Do we even know what concerns them?

Sometimes children tell me they don’t want to keep living when the days seem so dark. That’s how one girl described it to me once. “There used to be a lot of light. Now it’s just dark.”

Children absorb more from what’s going on around them than we might know. What do they overhear us talking about? What do they hear on the morning television shows as we have them on in the background? What headlines do they read when they’re on the Internet?

Children have indicated to me they’re concerned about parents losing jobs, not having a house, needing to move, war in America, having no money for school, parents divorcing, parents dying, and more.

Sometimes cartoons in the newspaper capture current culture well. That’s what I think Lynn Johnson did in the February 3rd “For Better or For Worse” cartoon. Read it. Read it again. Do you know any children having similar thoughts who you should go hug? Maybe show them this and talk about it.

Talk. Ask questions. Listen. Listen longer. Hug. Hug more. Pray. Pray more.