Are You Praying?

The other day, I posted the question, “Are you praying?” on my personal Facebook page. I added “There’s so much to pray for!” and listed some of the things I’m concerned about.

What would you have listed? What concerns you?

I included the fires in California, hurricane recovery in Florida (partly because friends from my church drove there to help), people struggling with their health, and parents concerned about decisions their teens and young-adult children are making.

Suicide is another area on my mind. Are you aware that the statistics are climbing? I grieve and almost get sick to my stomach when thinking about the number of children, teens, and young adults contemplating suicide, attempting suicide, and “succeeding.”

It’s easy to be overwhelmed. It’s easy to think, “What can I do? I’m just one person.” We must not succumb to this thinking!

We can’t change everybody, but we can change ourselves.

We can’t help everybody, but we can help especially those close to us.

We can’t change everything, but we can change some things.

Right? Let’s do what we can. Now.

I value our veterans and active military. I’m a huge fan of our first-responders. We wouldn’t have any of these people if they thought, “Why bother? I can’t put out every fire. I can’t prevent every crime. I can’t protect every person. I can’t stop every war or find every infiltrator.”

We can do what we can do. We must!

Let’s pray to demonstrate our faith in God. Let’s act to demonstrate our love for people. Let’s do something! Today!