| from Melissa Hannigan |

Be still. I was trying to help my daughter who had just gotten a pretty bad eye injury. I just wanted to assess the damage. I needed to see how bad it was and then figure out what needed to happen next. But I couldn’t do any of that until she sat still and let me look at it. She cried, she squirmed, she covered the injury with her hand and fought me with everything she had. She didn’t want my help. She was scared. And she just wanted to handle it herself. And in that moment of begging her to please, just let me help, please just be still so I can see it, a recent sermon by my pastors came to my mind. BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD. Psalm 46:10.

This wasn’t the first time my kids needed to be still and let me help them, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. I can’t even count how many times have I had to hold a child down so that they could receive much needed medicine, or stitches, or an ice pack so they could get better. And if you’re a parent then you know what I’m talking about. Probably the first time I can remember doing this as a parent was during a season when our son, our first child, was only a toddler and he had severe eczema which needed steroid cream to be put on twice a day. That cream burned him and he hated having it put on. We would both cry as I would have to hold him down and put this medicine on his red, swollen skin. I hated every second of it and yet because I knew he needed it, I was willing to force him to be still and allow me to hurt him so that the medicine could heal him.

Isn’t this exactly what God does to us sometimes? He asks us to Be Still, to stop trying to fight or fix things ourselves. He is the ultimate Healer who knows exactly what we need to get better but we don’t sit still long enough to listen to His voice, to follow His instructions. Especially when I’ve gone through really difficult seasons, tragedies, disappointment, heartbreaks I find myself crying out to the Lord, just like my kids do when they don’t want to endure something that they must, asking why, and begging please don’t make me go through this. But just like I reassure my kids, God promises that it’s going to be ok.

I don’t promise them that it won’t hurt, because I know that sometimes it will hurt. And I tell them it’s ok to be scared, we all get scared! But I promise them that I will be with them, I will hold them, and comfort them through it. And God promises us the same thing. His word says that He will never leave us or forsake us, that He will be with us, that He will comfort us in times of trouble. And just like my kids need to be reminded, I too need to be reminded of those comforting truths!

I told my brave girl as we sat at the doctor’s office that we have to be still and let Him examine us, listen to what the Physician tells us to do, and then obediently follow His instructions. What about you? Do you need to remember to be still? Do you need to remind yourself that even hard stuff can be used for good? Are you willing to follow His instructions, no matter how painful it may be?

I hope this is an encouragement to you today! I pray that you are able to find comfort in the ultimate Comforter.

As a homeschool mom of four kids, Melissa Hannigan uses her background in child development and counseling to keep her family from going completely off the rails. Melissa discovered her passion for helping kids meet their fullest potential over 15 years ago. As a therapist, she has worked with children in head start, foster care, and in detention facilities to provide them the tools they need for success. Melissa has also served hundreds of young people through her local church. Her unique sense of humor, paired with a desire to make tough topics easy to talk about, makes her relatable to most parents struggling to keep their head above water in today’s cultural climate. Whether she’s serving the “Happy Hannigan’s” or the “Hot Mess Hannigan’s” (it depends on the day!) she does it alongside her best friend and partner in life, John. Melissa is an Associate with Celebrate Kids where she writes and speaks about a variety of topics.