movie shootingI didn’t believe I heard the reporter correctly.

One man texting during movie previews was shot by another after the words they exchanged didn’t get him to stop. Apparently some popcorn was thrown, but the argument was “settled” with a gun.


Frustration wasn’t handled well.

Men got angry quickly.

We may never understand why. Technology? Entitlement? Self-centeredness? Fear? We each make decisions and choices and are responsible for them.

Because our behavior is birthed in our beliefs, we must pay attention to what we believe and why we believe it. We should make sure our beliefs still line up with our values. We can get lazy and sucked into the lies celebrated by some around us.

Pass your values and beliefs onto your children. Live them. Talk about them. Teach them. Compliment and correct your children when you do and do not see them living up to their beliefs. Because beliefs cause behaviors, evidence of beliefs is easy to see and hear.

That’s right. Beliefs cause behaviors. Beliefs are never hidden. Your actions give them away.

Teach your children what’s right and wrong and why. Teach them that the day of the week, time of day, or someone else’s behavior doesn’t change what we define as true. When you see them behaving in ways that displease you, remember it’s their beliefs you must deal with, not just their behavior.

Teach them that one right thing is responding with kindness and patience even though rudeness and rushing seems to define our days. This is smart all the time, but perhaps essential when people are broken. Hurting. Confused. Sad. Overwhelmed. Stressed. Angry. Depressed.

Putting others first can seem impossible. It isn’t. Obedience may seem unimportant. It’s not.

Teach your children. Please. Now. And again later. It could save their lives and the lives of others.


Because of wanting to blog about the timeliness of today’s topic, the series about how children’s smarts can frustrate them will continue next Wednesday.