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When I speak about our core needs, the topic of perfection comes up in two primary ways.

  • Trying to meet our legitimate need for security by being perfect won’t work. When trying to be perfect, our mistakes become even more obvious and we’ll become insecure. This is the exact opposite of our goal.
  • We can’t meet our legitimate need for competence by being perfect either. Our God-wired-into-us need is for competence, not perfection.

Perfect paralyzes. Permits defeat. Pummels.

Perfect is painful. It suffocates.

Perfect lies. It diminishes. It erases.

Perfect is defined as “faultless.” We’re not. Jesus is. Trying for something we can’t be leads to defeat. Discouragement. Doubts. Danger. Dysfunction. Despair.

Perfect is defined as “flawless.” We’re not. Jesus is. Trying for something we’ll never be causes guilt. Shame. Anger. Judgment. Comparisons. Competition.

Perfect is defined as “completely correct or accurate.” We’re not. Jesus is. Trying for something that’s unrealistic results in tension. Fear. Impatience. No risks. No growth. Less learning. No freedom.

Perfect is also defined as “complete in all respects.” We’re not this either. Jesus is. In Him, we are. All. Everything. Finished. Complete.

After we make a commitment to Christ through faith and trust Him for our salvation, God sees us as Christ’s righteousness (2 Corinthians 5:21). Flawless. Faultless. Correct. Complete.

That’s why Matthew 5:48 shouldn’t scare us. We have Christ. “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” Perfect here means to “become complete.” To mature. To become who God intended for us to be when He chose to create us.

That’s the proper perspective. That’s healthy. Growth. Progress. That we can do as we rely on the One Who is perfect and complete.

In our maturity, we allow Christ to perfect us as we trust Him more and more. We receive and value His grace as we journey toward Christlikeness. Maybe that’s the key. How much better off would we be if we used perfect as a verb and not an adjective?

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