Being Positive Matters

Being Positive Matters

Being positive matters. We’re changed by it and so are others. Being positive leads to optimism. When we’re positive and optimistic, we’re more likely to encourage ourselves and others. We’re more likely to be enthusiastic, fully present, available, hopeful, instructive, teachable, and so much more.

Sometimes we need to look hard for what’s good. Not every day is easy. Not every person is easy. Some situations are outright hard. But, let’s look and see if there might be some good hidden somewhere.

I sometimes challenge people to buy themselves a rose to enjoy. Then, I encourage them to remove the petals after it begins to wilt and before throwing it away. Why? Because there are way more petals than you would expect. And each is beautiful. Each is unique in its coloring, texture, size, and curves.

I received these flowers for my birthday and loved them as long as I could. Then, I enjoyed the gift of every petal. Each reminded me to dig for the good. I want to look beyond the obvious and see ALL that’s there!

One yellow rose had 30 petals, one had 35, and the red rose had 41 beautiful petals. Most you couldn’t see until you really went looking for them.

Is there a lesson here for you?