We read in John 2:25 that “Jesus did not need man’s testimony about man, for He knew what was in a man.”And, in John 10:14 Jesus declares that He knows His sheep. 

Of course, sheep all look very much alike. No one can know them based on physical attributes. They all look the same. But, Jesus, our Shepherd, knows us, His sheep, individually.

Jesus knows – really knows – each of us. He knows about men and women in general because He created us and He knows us individually because He loves us intimately.

As a result, we are better able to receive His love. He knows which verses will inspire us in the moment. He knows when we’ll benefit from Christian fellowship and when we’ll experience Him more in quiet moments. He knows which song to have us sing in church and He prompts us to call the right friend when we need support.

We receive His wisdom and instruction because we can recognize it’s for us. His lessons are always important, relevant, and well‑timed. He knows the gifts He has given us and why He chose us to have them. Therefore, He knows what else we will benefit from knowing. He knows our passions and purposes so He knows what competence we need. He wants us to be successful.

Feeling known and being known changes us. 

When we know children, they’re changed. Truly knowing them may be one of the most powerful ways we can celebrate them.

Do we know their strengths or just their weaknesses, their likes or just their dislikes, what makes them happy or just what makes them sad? What motivates, embarrasses, and hurts each one? What stifles them and what makes each one thrive? How do they learn best? What would they change about themselves if they could? What do they like best about themselves? What makes them unique? What concerns them the most?

Awareness allows us to work from a position of strength and celebrate progress. Knowledge helps us anticipate problems and more easily find and implement solutions. Let’s ask God to show us our children’s current needs, wants, desires, weaknesses, and strengths so we can celebrate all that they are and all they will become. He will.

-Dr. Kathy Koch