AirplaneMySeatAtlantaToParisOn the first flight on my European adventure last Wednesday, the flight attendant asked if I’d like cookies or pretzels with my water. Because I didn’t care, I responded, “Surprise me.”

She was flabbergasted. It was such a fun moment. Her grin was huge when she looked back to her cart and hovered her hand over the two baskets of snacks for a moment. She then reached in, chose some pretzels, and handed them to me. She was able to break out of a rut and enjoy a unique interaction with someone all because I did a “little thing.”

How could you surprise someone this week in a “little” way that adds joy to his or her day?

My seat on the 8-hour flight from Atlanta to Paris might be the best airplane seat I’ve ever had. I was amazed because my flights were booked only two days before my trip because pilots on the airline I had reservations with went on strike. I wouldn’t have been at all surprised to be in a middle seat of a crowded section.

But, someone somewhere pushed a button and chose my seat. Her or she probably thought it wasn’t a big deal, but it was to me. Exit row aisle with the middle seat unoccupied on the upper deck! Twelve rows total in the section, about 30 people, 2 flight attendants, never a wait for the bathroom, and not 100+ people walking the aisles. It was quiet and I was actually able to sleep a bit. So grateful!

What “little” decision could you make this week that delights and helps someone else? How can you make sure it’s about them and not you?

My seat on the third flight, from Paris to Budapest, gave me a great view of a wing. Airplanes never cease to amaze me. The inventors, designers, and mechanics amaze me, too. These mammoth planes get up in the air!

One missing screw and they may not. One wing flap that doesn’t respond to the pilot’s command. One tire not properly inflated or attached. One door that doesn’t seal correctly. Just one “little” thing.

What “little” task can you do excellently this week so others are protected and safe?

Little things are often big to others.