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Do you have a Board of Directors? You can have one even if you don’t have a ministry or company that, by law, must have one. Maybe you should have one. Surprised?

My ministry Board of Directors meets tonight to review how things are going and to look at the future. Our meetings are always important and encouraging.

I also have a Personal Board of Directors. It’s made up of men and women I respect who can speak into my life regarding various issues. They’re the ones I’m willing to listen to, because of our relationship, who have something to teach me that I need to learn.

What do you need to learn? What are you lacking? Character quality? Belief? Attitude? Action?

Who do you know that can model and teach you these things? What would it take for you to ask for help?

I don’t actually meet with my personal Board of Directors. I can’t. One member is no longer alive here on earth. That’s right. My Grandfather was a great man, husband, father, and grandfather. He was mayor of my city when I was growing up. I have memories of sitting in the front row of the special room in the city hall with my brother and cousins as he gave speeches.

My grandfather led unselfishly. He was always about the people he served. It was never about him and his needs. That’s the kind of leader I want to be. Therefore, he’s on my Personal Board of Directors. I think of him when making decisions. I ask myself, “How would Grandpa have handled this?” “Would Grandpa be pleased with my decisions?”

Most members of my Board are ones I actually interact with. One has great, unshakable faith in God and in me. It’s good to be around her. One prioritizes feelings and thoughts differently than I do so she helps me see issues differently. One LOVES the Word of God and always challenges me to relate to it the same way. You get the idea.

I reconfigure my Board about three times a year by asking myself what I need to learn and who do I know who can help me. The answers cause members to come and go from my Board as my needs change and as I meet new people. This process keeps me humble and fresh. It helps me not live in isolation, but in community.

How about putting together your own Board of Directors? Now.