Every Wednesday, I’ll post about multiple intelligences so we can better understand children and why they do what they do.

Are our multiple intelligences somehow related to security? Absolutely, in at least three ways.

On Monday, I wrote about the need to put our security (our first core need) in people who are trustworthy rather than in things we own. This can be challenging because we have to be able to figure out who is worthy of our trust. Who behaves consistently? Who keeps their word, follows through, admits their faults, and works to regain our trust? Who has our best interests at heart?

It’s being people smart that allows us to discern various attributes of the people around us. Using our people smarts help us to make accurate judgments while observing. We don’t critique because we’re judgmental, but because we want to relate to people honestly and well.

Understanding body language is an important people smart skill. Reading body language is a very natural thing for us to do. We don’t just read the language, we respond to it appropriately. We can determine mood, intention, and desire.

So, if you or your children struggle to know who is sad, glad, or mad, increase your and their people-smart skills. Do you assume someone is frustrated, but they’re just confused? Angry when they’re just tired? If you or your children are consistently disappointed by people you put your trust in, perhaps you’re not accurately observing their behavior for evidence they are a good source of security. Increase your people-smart skills.

Observe people more, ask others what they see in them, and ask the people themselves how they’re feeling and compare their answers to what you assumed. You can even look at pictures of people in magazines and guess what their thoughts are as a way of becoming more aware.

Next Wednesday’s post will have more to say about increasing this smart as well as the two other ways our smarts can inform our security. Between now and then, can you predict what those might be?