| from Dr. Kathy Koch |

Bonfires. Fire pits. Memories. Do you have some?

Watching sparks from the fire fly from the pit with the wind. Finding one more log to toss into the fire. Looking for the right stick for roasting the marshmallows. Having the graham crackers and chocolate bars ready to make the s’mores. Maybe a hayride.

The smells! Fire, hay, and more.

The sounds! Laughter, stories, laughter, whispers, laughter, singing, jokes, questions, answers, laughter.

The tastes! Marshmallows roasted just right. S’mores! Hot dogs, cider, hot chocolate, so much more!

Communion. At a fire? Yes! The first time I took communion I was at a campfire because I was watching children at a family camp. I had recently committed to Christ so the pastor’s wife came to the cabin to watch the children so I could join the others for communion. I will always remember this. A picture of the people I was with is in my bedroom. I don’t need to look at it to remember. I will always remember. For this reason, fires have always been special to me. 

On Thursday, October 22nd, Celebrate Kids, with Ignite the Family, is hosting a Bonfire Conference for moms. We believe we’ll help moms grow, laugh, think, talk, wonder, and grow. Maybe experiences won’t be as significant as when I took communion, but let’s believe moms will be changed.

Get ingredients for your favorite fire-food and gather with friends and relatives or curl up in your favorite chair and be ready.

We want moms to know – really know! – that they may feel like a mess, but they’re not a mess. Situations may be messy or may feel messy and that’s why we’ll address marriage, parenting, life, thoughts, and faith. We’ll offer solutions based on Truth.

You’ll love our guests – Suzanne Phillips, Jennie Allen, Megan Almon, Lori Wildenberg, Laurie Krieg, Durenda Wilson, Lisa Rowe, Abby LaQuey, and Sally Baucke. 

I’d be honored if you’d trust us and register here. Tickets are just $10. For $20 you also get 10 extra presentations. www.IgniteMoms.com