How can we know which intelligences are strengths for our children? What if I suggested that we should pay attention to what they care about?

My dad was very nature smart. There are lots of stories I could share about this, but today, I’ll just share one.

My dad and mom had a large birdbath in their backyard. Because they lived where it was cold and snowed in the winter, my dad purchased an electric warmer for the water. Plugged into an outlet he had added to the addition of our home, the cord stretched to the birdbath and the gadget kept the water from freezing.

My parents loved watching the birds enjoy their birdbath during all seasons, but especially in the winter. They knew the water kept birds alive. My dad especially cared. He was nature smart.

What we care about matters and can indicate how we are smart. What do your children care about? Tell them that’s evidence they’re smart. Talk about it and you’ll strengthen that smart even more. What do you care about? Make sure they know.

Caring counts.