We Can Point Them Back to Christ

We realize that the impact of losing your home is amplified when your home is also where you school. Children affected had everything they knew ripped from them. This creates

Give Light

// by Stephen Baker // As the Christmas season continues and that iconic day draws closer, a theme keeps jumping out at me this year – light.  As I was driving

Satisfaction in Every Sunrise

| from Melissa Hannigan | As I watched the sunrise one morning while on vacation at the beach, I waited expectantly. I watched and waited for that moment the sun

Work Hard, Play Hard

| from Julie LaQuey | My dad knew how to play hard. Whether he was pulling us on a sled behind a four-wheeler, taking us waterskiing at the break of


| from Stephen Baker |  I was motivated by a recent article I read from Summit Ministries, for whom Dr. Kathy Koch occasionally teaches, about the polarization of our country.

Groundhog Day-Like Traditions

| from Stephen Baker | February 2 is traditionally known as Groundhog Day. It is a cultural superstition in North America and Canada where people watch to see if the