Expectations vs. Reality

// Evan Hampton, CK Brand Manager // Perhaps you’ve seen some of those “expectation vs. reality” videos or memes online. You might put on a cute outfit and expect it

We Can Point Them Back to Christ

We realize that the impact of losing your home is amplified when your home is also where you school. Children affected had everything they knew ripped from them. This creates

Thanking, thinking, and feeling are related.

/ Dr. Kathy Koch / Thanking, thinking, and feeling are related. As I wrote about in Screens and Teens, thankfulness is an old Anglo-Saxon word that means “thinkfulness.” When thinking

Connection With Each Other

| Dr. Kathy Koch | Connection Matters. As we continue into what is known as the holiday season, who do you hope to connect with? Who do you hope to

Our Words Matter

| from Sherri Seligson | I remember one day when my 3-year-old daughter brought me a picture she drew. She had spent the afternoon working very hard on it and

Enjoy Others’ Joy

Dr. Kathy Says… They reminded me of my mom. On a recent flight, I enjoyed listening to the two women who were sitting across the aisle from me. They were