What Do Clark Griswold & King David Have In Common

This weekend, our family began to decorate our home for Christmas. As we set up our tree, I was reminded of a scene from a popular Christmas movie. I referenced

Work Hard, Play Hard

| from Julie LaQuey | My dad knew how to play hard. Whether he was pulling us on a sled behind a four-wheeler, taking us waterskiing at the break of

Nine Steps to Finding Rest

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Lifelong Friendships and The Image of God

| from Julie LaQuey | Our oldest son, Caleb, graduated from college in May. On our drive home from the graduation celebration, my husband said, “I feel the same now

Belonging in the Body of Christ

| from Julie LaQuey | My husband and I grew up in churches where we attended Bible study classes and corporate worship times at least once a week. Our Bible

Is Security Something We Feel or Something We Have?

| from Julie LaQuey | Security is a word I have heard quite often in recent months. As a society, we go to great lengths in our attempts to feel