Let’s Make A Change

// by Lauren Roman // How can we experience transformational change in our lives? Not “New Year’s Resolution” change that’s strong out of the gate and quickly falls to the

Does Christmas Make A Difference?

// by Lauren Roman // We’re all familiar with adages like “Celebrate the reason for the season.” It’s good to encourage each other – especially our kids – to focus

Forgiveness Is Not Reconciliation

| from Lauren Roman |  The difference between forgiveness and reconciliation is often misunderstood. I’ve found this to be true for many adults – and if we don’t understand that

Don’t Cover Up, Own Up

| from Lauren Roman | Have you noticed that a child who’s done something wrong can try to cover it up and/or escape responsibility without any training? If you haven’t,

Overcoming the Inner Critic

| from Lauren Roman | For those of us who have an obnoxiously active inner critic, the struggle to overcome that destructive voice can be a daily battle. It actually

Becoming A Leader Worth Following

| from Lauren Roman | Parents are the most influential leaders in their children’s lives. Yet, many mothers and fathers who want to improve their children’s behavior omit a very