Forgiveness Is Not Reconciliation

| from Lauren Roman |  The difference between forgiveness and reconciliation is often misunderstood. I’ve found this to be true for many adults – and if we don’t understand that

Doing Is Believing

| from Lauren Roman | We’ve all heard the phrase “seeing is believing.” Two thousand years ago, God Himself made a profound statement on this topic. In John 20:29, Jesus

A Preface to Marriage

| from Stephen Baker |  An interesting study can be made by looking at the passages in Colossians and Ephesians that lead into the sections about marriage relationships. For example,

Counterfeit Love Is Never Enough

| from Lauren Roman | When something is “counterfeit,” it’s more than just inauthentic. It’s an imitation of the genuine article, so convincing that it can fraudulently or deceptively be passed off

Our impossible marriage is a parable—and so is yours

| from Laurie Krieg | Friends – I’m excited to post Laurie Krieg’s first blog here at Celebrate Kids. She’ll now blog regularly like our other associates. Last fall, as


| from Dr. Kathy Koch | Bonfires. Fire pits. Memories. Do you have some? Watching sparks from the fire fly from the pit with the wind. Finding one more log