Homeschool Readin’, ‘Ritin’, and ‘Rithmetic with the 8 Great Smarts

| from Tina Hollenbeck | Every homeschooler must contend with the parameters of the homeschool law in his or her state of residence. In addition to that, we aim to

Don’t Kiss Summer Good-Bye Just Yet

| from Tina Hollenbeck | It’s mid-July. If you’re like many homeschooling parents, that means you’ve already bid adieu to “summer vacation” in your mind and are right now at


| from Stephen Baker |  I was motivated by a recent article I read from Summit Ministries, for whom Dr. Kathy Koch occasionally teaches, about the polarization of our country.

139 Nativities

| from Dr. Kathy Koch | Do you collect anything? Are there things you value? I know things aren’t important in comparison to people and beliefs, but they’re not valueless.

Creativity – Made in God’s Image

| from Joyce Baker | My husband, Steve, and I enjoy being creative with vintage and architectural salvage pieces. We find something old and see what it could be new.

Multiple Intelligences

| from Dr. Kathy Koch | Why are multiple intelligences so appealing? Whether people hear me discuss them on the radio, attend a short seminar, learn through a full day