Do I Really Want New Goals For The New Year?

// by Sherri Seligson // Most people look forward to the holiday season. They look forward to the break from work, school, and regular activities. And I get that. For

Our Words Matter

| from Sherri Seligson | I remember one day when my 3-year-old daughter brought me a picture she drew. She had spent the afternoon working very hard on it and

Nothing New Under the Sun

| from Sherri Seligson | Some mornings I am afraid to look at my phone when I wake up. Do you know what I mean? Each day, the news seems

Whitewater Parenting

| from Sherri Seligson | Recently, I stumbled across an old photo of our family. It was a whitewater rafting trip we took during one of our last vacations before

Mom Guilt and Forgiveness

| from Sherri Seligson | Mom guilt. It’s something all mothers face. We wrestle over things we have done (or shouldn’t have done) with our children. If you’ve been a

Hope is Expecting God’s Future Grace

| from Sherri Seligson | Today I have the joy of introducing you to my friend and colleague, Sherri Seligson, by way of her first blog for us. Sherri and