Let’s Make A Change

// by Lauren Roman // How can we experience transformational change in our lives? Not “New Year’s Resolution” change that’s strong out of the gate and quickly falls to the

The Joy of Christmas Keeps Going

// Evan Hampton, CK Brand Manager // No doubt about it, Christmas is my favorite team of year. I’ll annoy my wife with my elf-like glee by playing Christmas music

We Can Point Them Back to Christ

We realize that the impact of losing your home is amplified when your home is also where you school. Children affected had everything they knew ripped from them. This creates

Connection With Each Other

| Dr. Kathy Koch | Connection Matters. As we continue into what is known as the holiday season, who do you hope to connect with? Who do you hope to


| from Dr. Kathy Koch | If your children have frequently complained about boredom, you’re not alone. If they haven’t much, I’m guessing they’re either naturally creative or you worked

Delay Is Not A Denial

| from Lauren Roman | Intellectually, we know delay and denial are two different things. Experientially, it’s easy to conflate the two. Human beings, as a whole, are not fond