Celebrate Excellent Character

For a lot of families with school-age children, May is as busy as December, if not busier. There are proms, plays, final concerts of the year, art shows, class parties to plan for, many soccer games and other sporting events, finals to study for, and graduations to attend. There will be much to celebrate for many.

Let me suggest there is much to celebrate for all. And, what I’m thinking of might be more important than everything I listed above.

Children should be celebrated for who they are and not just for what they do.

During this busy month, look for opportunities to affirm who children are. (You can obviously do this for adults in your world as well.) Intentionally pay attention to their character and their heart.

Go out of your way to comment on excellent character, the way they love sacrificially, their generosity, offers to help that didn’t require you to nag them, kindness, and more. During this month of celebration when grades and ribbons are earned, may we all celebrate the heart.

Paying attention to the heart ultimately strengthens children in many ways because who children are carries through to what they do. Acknowledging character and wise choices cause children to feel secure, connected, loved, appreciated, seen, valued, and more. Now they’ll have the strength to do what we want them to do.

Being leads to doing. The heart affects the head. Celebrate who children are and not just what they do.