| from Joyce Baker |

Life is full of change. It’s perpetual.

This summer as a MiMi I helped move my oldest son, his wife, and three of my four grandchildren to a neighboring state. I had enjoyed them being within an hour of me for six years. I am so excited for the things God is supplying and working in their lives, but that excitement didn’t keep me from driving away with tears in my eyes. Life’s changes bring challenge and growth. 

The grandchildren were very excited about a new school and new friends. My oldest grandson had his first day of basketball camp. He didn’t know anyone and was the smallest boy for his age. When it came time in the practice to break up into teams he was the last chosen and the first to sit the bench. It was tough! He handled it with all the self-control he could muster to keep a smile on his face. Later his mom and dad talked to him about it. He was positive and determined. The next day he worked harder, made friends, and didn’t sit the bench. He was faced with a challenge and grew. 

Another exciting change for the grandchildren this summer was the addition of chicks at their new house. The boys are already planning their little entrepreneurship of selling eggs. Mom and Dad planned to get six chicks; we all went to the store to get them and ended up with a baker’s dozen. The children enjoy taking care of the chicks and have named several of them. Their dogs enjoy them too. One afternoon the oldest grandson forgot the dogs were in the yard and let the chicks out. The baker’s dozen became eleven and the dogs “enjoyed” two of the chicks. This was a hard lesson for my sensitive grandson – harder than the basketball camp lesson. Dad used this opportunity to encourage him that life lessons and changes are often very good and enjoyable, but sometimes they can be very difficult. As we lean into God He helps us grow and learn from these.

During the previous few months we’ve all experienced many changes in our lives and now some of us live where leaves are changing. Our work lives, school lives, social lives, worship lives, etc. have all undergone many changes and look very different than the same time the previous year. In many of our situations, we haven’t had a choice.

Are we viewing these changes as opportunities to learn and grow? How are we allowing the changes to give us new and positive perspectives?

Joyce Baker is the mother of four grown children and “Mimi” to four precious grandchildren. Joyce has served side by side with her husband, Steve, in ministry for forty years with a heart for encouraging families to grow together in Christ. Her ministry is marked with the recognition that every person is a unique individual with purpose and a need for those unique qualities to be encouraged. Dr. Kathy is excited to welcome her as an Associate Writer and Speaker for Celebrate Kids, Inc.