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Choose to invest.

About two weeks ago, a Facebook friend posted asking for prayer for Kathryn, a child from my church. I didn’t know her or her parents, but I chose to “like” the page they set up to keep people informed and I’m glad I did.

Kathryn is in the hospital for major brain surgery. She’s had two in the last two weeks and symptoms of epilepsy that they hoped would subside continue. I can’t imagine her parents going through this alone. I can’t imagine any of us being alone. We should be in community to celebrate blessings and to support each other in hard times.

Belonging matters. Choose to invest. Invite others to invest in you. Risk it.

2-18-13 Kathryn'sTeachers-r50On the day of Kathryn’s second surgery, many, many pictures of friends dressed in purple – the epilepsy color – were posted to her Facebook page. I was overwhelmed with joy to see how many people were choosing to let Kathryn and her parents know they were standing with them in faith. They made the effort and it mattered.

Community matters. Becomes family. Belonging surrounds. Support sustains. Friendship builds up. Strangers pray.

Faith grows. Spirits lift. Love occurs. Deepens. Hope happens.

Live life together. Find joy. Divide pain. Erase fear. Laugh. Hug. Cry.

Wait together. Not alone. Be supportive.

Be quiet. Be noisy. Share. Listen.

Believe. Trust. Care. Hope.

Not alone. In community. With belonging.

Choose to invest. Others benefit and so will you. Reach out. Let others reach in.

Be like Kathryn and her parents. Live in community. Build it.