Christmas is the Gift

Christmas Is The Gift

Tomorrow night I’ll be having dinner with three fabulous, faithful friends. I’m looking forward to it.

Until last year, we exchanged Christmas gifts when we got together. Last year, because of changing financial situations, we didn’t. This year, we’ve agreed to bring gifts if we want to. We’ve stated, “No pressure.”

It’s awkward and freeing all at the same time.

What if I give a friend something more expensive than she gives me? Will she feel bad? What if someone gives me something more expensive than I give her? Will I feel bad? Will she?

This dilemma just makes me realize more and more how incredible it is that God’s gift of salvation through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ, truly is free. No strings attached. He knew, when deciding to send His Son as our sacrifice, that there was no guarantee we’d receive Him in faith. He also knew we may not give Him anything in return.

That’s love.

As a fun way of reminding myself that what we celebrate on the 25th is a gift, I wrap my Christmas tree in the same ribbon I use to wrap presents. Curled ribbon in four colors draped over the top and down the sides of my tree. Christmas is a gift.

No matter what my friends choose to give me tomorrow night, I’ll say “thank you.”

How much more important is it to say thank you to God for His gift? Through years of walking with Him, I’ve come to realize that doing thanks is better than saying thanks. What do I mean? I think God is well thanked when we become who He intended for us to be when He chose to make us us.

That’s love.

What do you think?