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Security is important for many reasons, including that when children are secure, they’ll take risks. Without risk taking, little growth and learning takes place. Maybe one of the best examples of that truth is children learning to walk.

Last week, Kathy was privileged to be the guest blogger for Jill Savage, the CEO of Hearts at Home. Here is a quote:

Are there things you wish your children were doing or doing better? What difference might it make if you applied a “Come to Momma!” perspective?

Four feet away, not eight. Arms reaching toward your child, not folded in front of you. Smiling, no frown. Encouraging, optimistic tone, not a doubtful whine. A request your child wants to fulfill, not a demand he can’t. No premature use of the word “mistake.”

Please go here to read the full post about the importance of parents and teachers developing a “Come to Mama” perspective. When our children attempt progress, we must see their efforts as missteps and not mistakes. That’s part of the perspective. There’s much more.