Security is essential. It’s a firm foundation that can allow adults and children of all ages to move forward. To risk. To grow. To cry. To laugh.

Recently an alert woman observed many groups of three and four women each in the conference registration line. They were chatting and clearly enjoying themselves. Off to the side, she noticed two women standing alone and observing. They appeared unsure of themselves.

This woman approached one, introduced herself, and found out she was alone. She then introduced herself to the other woman and also discovered she was there at the conference alone. She then introduced the two women to each other and watched them get in line and continue to talk for quite a while.

Their security strengthened when she noticed them. Then she let them know she noticed them. She talked, listened, and engaged them with each other. She offered them community.

Community can build security. It provides belonging. It’s rich. It’s essential.

Who can we notice this week who needs the security that can be found in community? What will we then do?

Start by observing more carefully in your family. There are times that living together doesn’t mean we feel we’re together. Then look outside your family. Don’t just look, though. Act on what you see. I’ll be doing the same. Let me know what you notice and what you do. I’d love to be encouraged.