Continue To Learn And Grow

Continue To Learn And Grow

Surround yourself with wisdom. Chose to connect with people who are further along in life than you. Look for people who are learning what you need to learn. Look for some who have mastered it, including some you could interact with. Ask them how they jumped their biggest hurdles. Ask them what they want to learn next.

Be aware of your challenges. Others with similar challenges can inspire you to keep working to improve these areas. They can also inspire you to not give into them, but instead to lead with your strengths. Also, find people who are good at the things that challenge you. Ask them to help you and then let them. Sometimes we can’t improve. Sometimes we don’t need to. The time and effort it would take can detract from our strengths and decrease our productivity.

Invite people to critique your ideas. Have them ask you questions about your thoughts. Can you explain them well? Is your reasoning complete? Are there holes in your logic? Do they think your ideas line up with your values? Be open to seeing what you haven’t.

Might you want to do the same thing with your feelings and character:? How does your heart come across? Do you appear closed and pridefully independent? Do others think you’re quick to judge? Do you feel everything so quickly that others are intimidated? Would others say you’re discerning, joyful, mature, and easy to be around? I wonder.

Lately, everything I’m doing has been improved by members of my staff, my Board, my colleagues, and my friends. I’m grateful. I want you to experience this beauty! (And, I want it for your children. Talk with them about these ideas. Do they think there’s wisdom here?)