Create Life Speedhumps

I’m going to protect my life with speedhumps.

Sometimes weekends are great just because they’re different. This past weekend was wonderful because we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

For me, though, there was more. Because my schedule is typically full and intense, I treasure days with a different pace. Three in a row?!? What a gift!

Staying home and seeing no one all day Friday and all day Saturday were gifts to me. On Friday, I conducted two radio interviews over the phone and chatted with a pastor I’m speaking for soon. But, I didn’t have to go anywhere and the rest of my day wasn’t scheduled by anyone but me.

A blessing as a single is cooking and eating what I want. I did that this weekend.

I accomplished several things in my home I wanted to. There’s only one pile on my desk now and it’s the one with things I’m working on. Two days ago, you couldn’t see the wood of my desk because of the number of piles. This will not happen again!

I sorted clothes for the seasons, tried on many things, and filled two trash bags. One is now in my garbage can to be picked up on Tuesday. The other is in my car to be dropped off at a non-profit that can use them. What a great feeling!

Some may laugh at this, but I even made a list of what clothes I own and don’t own in a few categories so I don’t purchase things in stores or from catalogs that “I’m sure I need” when in fact I don’t. I pray this helps!

My different pace continues today as I entertain a friend and speaker I’ve been privileged to mentor. I’m taking her to a safari close to my home. I’ve been many times and prefer it to the ones I’ve been on in Africa. She’s going to love it! It’s going to be great!

Tuesday will be a little bit of everything before I leave with my staff for the Great Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati on Wednesday.

I’m refreshed. I can already tell I’m more creative. I’m ready for what’s next.


I’m going to protect my life with speedhumps. Yes, I am. I don’t like speedbumps, but speedhumps are okay. You know what I mean, right? You’re just driving along on a regular city street when you realize you better brake because there’s a speedbump or speedhump ahead of you.

They’re designed to protect the people in the area from drivers driving too fast. The bumps are larger and can mean we have to slam on our brakes if we haven’t been paying attention. I can be quite startled by them. The humps aren’t as vertical and don’t require the same slow pace. Slower than we were going, for sure, but not the snail’s pace that the bumps might demand from us if we’re wise.

I will slow down. I want to. I will have more days like these past few. I’m going to build speedhumps into my calendar. I’m going to expect them to be up ahead so I won’t have to slam on my brakes. Yes. Should you join me?