| from Joyce Baker |

My husband, Steve, and I enjoy being creative with vintage and architectural salvage pieces. We find something old and see what it could be new. Making unique lamps and lights is probably our favorite thing to do. We’ve used such items as a wagon jack, antique knife sharpener, vintage clarinet, and a 1940 Ford Coupe grille to create accent lighting. 

I’m also a nature lover. I’m always amazed by God’s creativity in nature, so we often use live edge wood or reclaimed wood in our creations. Even when transformed into furniture, wood is living and needs care. Each piece of wood is unique, one-of-a-kind because God is so creative. 

God created us in His image so we ALL have a creative gene. Each person’s creative gene is as individual as they are. Life would be very different and limiting if we all had the same creativity. Boring.

Now you may be thinking you are about as creative as a blank page, but let me challenge you to recognize and appreciate the creativity you’ve been given.

As I look around me and I think about people in my life, I’m amazed at the diversity of creativity. I have a daughter-in-law who is very talented in many areas, but I think her greatest area of creativity is in gift giving. She gives the most creative and thoughtful gifts of anyone I’ve ever known. At Christmas we all look forward to seeing what creative genius gift she has found for someone.  

Some people are creative storytellers. Maybe you are one.

Driving around a city, you see impressive designs in bridges and buildings. Are you a creative engineer?

Maybe you’re creative with meals or helping a friend find just the right accessory for their home because you have a good eye for design.

I could go on and on with examples of people’s creativity that align with their smarts and I would still leave out some. So if you didn’t recognize yourself in any of these examples don’t despair. Remember creativity is as individual as you are. 

Today I want to challenge you in two ways:

  1. Take a little self-evaluation of the things you do and enjoy and you’ll discover your creative side. Enlist the help of your friends; sometimes our friends see things in us better than we see ourselves. Ask God to reveal your creativity to you and how best to use it for His honor and glory. 
  2. Purposefully tell your family members and/or friends what creativity you recognize and appreciate in them. They may not recognize it and the encouragement from you could spur them on to meaningful changes or work. 

Joyce Baker is the mother of four grown children and “Mimi” to four precious grandchildren. Joyce has served side by side with her husband, Steve, in ministry for forty years with a heart for encouraging families to grow together in Christ. Her ministry is marked with the recognition that every person is a unique individual with purpose and a need for those unique qualities to be encouraged. Dr. Kathy is excited to welcome her as an Associate Writer and Speaker for Celebrate Kids, Inc.