Cultivating The Genius Quality - Creativity

Cultivating The Genius Quality – Creativity

If you’ve been reading the blogs in this series about our 12 genius qualities, I sure hope you’ve been encouraged. I still remember how I felt when first discovering Dr. Armstrong’s work in this field. I was filled with hope and energized to help others discover they were geniuses!

Today’s genius quality is creativity. Picture yourself telling a child, “You’re not just creative. You’re a genius!”

Creativity: “To give birth to new ways of looking at things.”

Dr. Thomas Armstrong

One of the most important things we must understand about creativity is that it’s more – much more – than an ability that shows up in art class. That’s how we defined it in the old days. We must free creativity from only the realm of art and put it everywhere. Kids have an openness to see things adults often can’t see, or can’t see in the same way. That’s creativity – looking at things in new ways. This gift shows up as all kinds of inventiveness.

Are your kids creative with systems? Have they watched you do something and then made suggestions to increase efficiency?

Are your kids creative with questions? Have they asked about things you’ve never thought to ask about? A child looked at me once, and asked, “Since cows eat green grass, how come milk is white?”

Maybe you have a son creative with space. Does he put things in places that are perfect, but you never thought of? Does he design places that are ideal and comfortable for his younger sisters?

Some kids are creative with colors and enjoy showing you the purple cat they drew or the blue apple they painted. Then, they work to convince you blue apples would taste better than red or yellow ones do.

Watch for creativity. Enjoy what new-to-you things you see and enter into conversations to keep creativity alive. Kids are born with this ability. If we’re not careful, we can quickly shut it down. Can you predict how? Watch and listen and see what you notice. Then work to keep creativity alive!

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”



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