I am not a silo. Neither are you. Obviously! Maybe I should write instead that we shouldn’t act as if we are silos.

What do I mean?

When driving through Minnesota and Wisconsin in late April, I greatly appreciated the beautiful farm country. There were many large farms and more that were smaller. Close up and from a distance, I enjoyed the different colors and designs of the fields, barns, and homes.

Silos were plentiful. They’re valuable to farmers as they store grain or silage (fermented feed) for their animals to eat during the winter season.

We would be foolish to behave as if we’re silos – able to store up what we need for the next season of our lives. I know people behaving like that. They think they know enough Bible verses. They’ve prayed enough. Worshipped enough. Been to enough church services. Served enough. Given enough. I disagree.

It’s also impossible to store up our love. Devotion. Peace. Joy. Gratitude. Friends. Or anything else you can think of. Yes, it’s wonderful to be filled up with these qualities. But this doesn’t mean we should rest and be satisfied.

Leaves, stalks, and grain stored in a farmer’s silo benefit from being stored together to become silage for animals to feed on later. We’re designed for regular, ongoing … everything. We benefit from fresh food and water. New insights. Refreshment that’s ongoing. Worship today. Bible reading today. Praying today. Giving today. Serving today. Church this week.

The situation we find ourselves in causes insights to stick and Truth from Scripture to be extra relevant. We seek answers to current questions. That’s why we can read Bible verses we’ve read before and see something new. The Holy Spirit guides us to His Truth for today.

In the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13), we are taught to seek “daily bread.” Let’s do it. We are not silos!