I had just left an important meeting about a pro-life initiative we are going to be involved in. It was a stimulating, encouraging, and uplifting time. I was among great people and was so glad to be there.

I walked  to my car, started the engine, and pulled out onto the streets of Dallas heading for the highway home. I expected it to be a normal drive like many others. That’s not what happened.

While entering the highway, I ran over a large rock that was in the road. I didn’t see it because of the car in front of me. Gratefully, I maintained control of my car and kept driving. All appeared well until about ten minutes later. I heard what I initially thought was a large truck coming up behind me. I quickly realized that my car was actually the one making the loud noise. I realized that the rock must have damaged my tire. Because of the sounds, I knew it was shredding and I’d soon be driving on my rim. I was in the middle lane of a major highway going about 65 mph. God provided a way out and I made it to a safe space on the side of the road.

TireCourtesyPatrolI caught my breath and praised God for taking care of me again. I called for service and was set to wait for a predicted hour. Before the technician could arrive, a courtesy officer with the sheriff’s department arrived. What a blessing!

This officer was friendly and compassionate. I immediately felt even safer than I had. He very efficiently changed my tire and sent me on my way.

Just two hours after I pulled off the side of the road, I was already at the tire repair store near my home. Amazing! It happened in Dallas, I live in Fort Worth, it was 2:30 in the afternoon on a major highway, and I had to drive 60 mph because of my spare. It could have been miserable. It wasn’t. Another reason to be grateful.

Believe it or not, as I was driving home, I began to reflect upon which intelligences I had used in the previous hour. I fully realize you might not do this but it’s just the way my brain works. It is what it is!

I’m not sure I’ve ever thought about the benefit of knowing your intelligences when faced with challenges like what happened to me today. But, I realized the whole experience was less challenging than it might have been because of the intelligences I have and my awareness of them.

For instance, being logic smart helped me think through what I should do first, second, and third. I didn’t panic when I realized my tire was shredding. Using this smart, I was able to see a proper place to pull off the road and park. I was being picture smart, too, as I thought with my eyes to find a wide enough spot that wasn’t on an overpass.

I knew who to call to change the tire and time was all that would be lost so there was no reason to get upset. Because I am self smart, I was able to handle being alone with my own thoughts. I could think about what had occurred and I was able to entertain my thoughts, not panic, and not worry about being bored.

Being people smart also helped me. I’m well connected to amazing men and women. I knew who I could text who would immediately begin praying. I knew these three women would have their phones with them and on and would respond well to my situation. They did what I thought they would do. They prayed but also reached out to offer words of support. I was glad to get their texts.

Nature smart is not one of my strengths but I enjoyed using it. It was 88 but cloudy with a breeze so standing outside when the tire was being changed wasn’t horrible. I was very aware of the weather and how much worse it could have been. I also enjoyed watching the cloud formations.

Even being body smart helped because I was able to get in and out of the car from the passenger side so that I was away from traffic. Do you understand? I was logic smart and figured out that was the wiser thing to do and then I could maneuver my body around obstacles. Believe me, it took some thought!

I should mention music smart too. Before I turned off my car I turned up the volume on the CD I was listening to and enjoyed singing along to some of my favorite worship songs.

TireNewAs valuable as the multiple intelligences were to me today and can be to you and your kids, it was really my relationship with God that got me through. I prayed and reached out to friends not just for their support but for their prayers. The Scripture teaches us where two or more are gathered there is power.

Without knowing God, I would have analyzed the situation to death. Can you relate? Even as a believer I have to be careful. But I guarantee you I would’ve wondered what I did wrong. How could I have prevented it from happening? Why did this happen to me? I might have even thought it was stupid for running over a rock even though I didn’t see it in time to avoid it because of the large truck in front of me. But all that analysis is just defeating and discouraging.

As a Christ follower, I have to believe God orders all my steps and all my days. He causes and allows things to happen. I have found that if it’s important to Him that I understand what’s going on, He’ll show me.

I’ve learned to rest in that. I didn’t panic. I’m grateful for God’s protection and for meeting my other needs, too. I’m safe. I’m a bit poorer, but I am alive so all is well. Most definitely!