Every Wednesday, I’ll post about multiple intelligences so we can better understand children and why they do what they do.

We’re going to take a week off from the series about individual smarts. Rather, I’d like to share a beautiful example of involving people’s picture-smart and body-smart intelligences when wanting them to grasp a point. In the past weeks, I explained much about being body smart here and picture smart here.

Last Sunday, my Pastor Dr. Stephen Lowrie, taught from Colossians 2:8-15. He titled his message “Nailed to the Cross.”

During his entire message, in the center of the sanctuary, on the floor, was a large cross with a brief message nailed to it. This immediately engaged our picture-smart brain cells.

Certificate of Debt


As Stephen progressed in his message, he came to verse 14:

He [Jesus] erased the certificate of debt, with its obligations, that was against us and opposed to us, and has taken it out of the way by nailing it to the cross.

Have you ever attended a party where a paper with an identity was taped to your back and you were supposed to guess who you were by asking questions of others? Then, once you found out, you were supposed to behave in this new way – as a chicken, Spider Man, Popeye, or the Queen?

In verse 14, the phrase “has taken it out of the way” literally means the sin is no longer on our back. It means that our sin is totally, forever, completely, and permanently removed when we choose to believe Christ is our Savior by faith in God. We are no longer controlled by it. We don’t have to wonder or guess. It’s gone. It’s been finished on the cross. Our debt is paid. Christ paid the price.

At the conclusion of our service, while we worshipped in song, we were encouraged to come forward and touch the cross and say “In Jesus, I am forgiven.” Then, as we walked away, we realized no sin followed us. It was nailed to the cross in the form of God’s amazing Son. All of it. Every one. That one and this one. Forever forgiven.

For body-smart people especially, this was a powerful minute. I have every confidence that many will remember taking that action and seeing the sign remain on the cross as they walked past it.

Certificate of Debt