I’m so glad you’re interested in multiple intelligences. Diana Waring is glad, too. If you’ve read the last several blogs and watched her videos, what do you and your children most appreciate? We pray you remember that. I don’t write blogs and she doesn’t produce videos because we have nothing else to do. We want to influence you!

Did you benefit from learning that children, teens, and adults who are good with color and design are picture smart? They’re not just creative? Many find this encouraging. There are similarities in the emphasis of today’s intelligence – music smart.

People good at keeping a rhythm, singing in tune, playing an instrument, and recognizing musical selections are music smart. These people aren’t just musical or talented. They’re music smart.

Although you may think that being music smart can’t help with academics, that’s not true. Kids who enjoy music can use it to motivate them to study other topics. For all children, the experience will be richer. For instance, check out Diana’s “Experience History Through Music” CDs.

When I taught second graders, I loved using songs like she includes on her “Westward Ho” CD. And, now, I’d use the songs on her “Musical Memories of Laura Ingalls Wilder.” Some would enjoy the songs more than others, but no one would be hurt by my choice to use them.

If I asked you how to spell Mississippi, I’m sure you’d spell it with the rhythm. And, what about the ABCs? Entire auditoriums full of high schoolers have sung them to me? They laugh after a few letters. I didn’t have to tell them to sing the ABCs. They just naturally did. Music is remembered a long time. What if we suggested that children put multiplication tables to music? Bible verses? More? Music helps academics in these ways.

And, there’s more. Let me suggest that some children may stay in school because of their love of music. If it wasn’t for band, orchestra, or choir, they may drop out or give up and disengage entirely. That would be tragic. When these children discover they’re smart and that’s why music is important to them or comes naturally to them, they’ll be encouraged even more.

Beyond school, being music smart can enhance life. It influences what some of us do with our spare time. Worshiping with music may be a very important part of church for you. Music can also strengthen friendships and families as you go to concerts together, perform together, and enjoy talking about your favorite groups or songs.

What if you took time to talk with your children about being more music smart tomorrow than they are today? Watch Diana’s video first, though, because she’ll give you great content to discuss. I love the variety of music she mentions and her list of careers. Enjoy!

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