Let’s continue our series of posts using Diana Waring’s videos about the 8 Great Smarts with another video. She and I are both glad you’ve landed here.

You may or may not be aware that the “father” of multiple intelligences is Dr. Howard Gardner, a brilliant man affiliated with Harvard University. He titled the smart Diana interviews on this video “logical-mathematical intelligence.”

A colleague of his who I greatly respect, Dr. Thomas Armstrong, took Dr. Gardner’s work and made it more accessible. One way he did this was to simplify Dr. Gardner’s terms. For a while this intelligence was referred to by some people  as “number smart.” Dr. Armstrong chose “logic smart” as a better summary term and it’s what I use in my book, teachings, and other blogs. You’ll hear Diana refer to this smart as “number smart.” And, you’ll hear her talk about how the smart includes skills and interests with numbers and with logic. If you’re a longtime follower of mine, don’t let this confuse you. She’s talking about the same smart I am.

Did your children learn their numbers before their letters? Did you notice them spontaneously counting things without being directed to do so? Do you remember your children asking questions at a young age and then continuing in that habit? How many of them wanted to understand how things work? Did they ever take anything apart to discover how it worked? These are all evidences of children being logic smart.

Constant questioning from logic-smart children can be annoying and exhausting when children are young. Preteens and teens with logic smart strengths who are not self-controlled can tend toward argumentative behavior. They can be a handful. They may keep asking why they’re not allowed to do something or why they have to do what you asked them to do. They may always want or need a rationale for your decision. You may have noticed one of their strengths is providing one for you as they logically try to convince you they’re right. It can be exhausting.

Yet, thinking in these ways is a strength based on a smart they must learn to use for good and not to do harm. Diana, as always, talks well about this. please listen. And, grab your kids to listen, too, so she can encourage them.


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