Two weeks ago, I wrote about people smart and I shared Diana Waring’s important video explaining this smart. When we’re being people smart, we think with other people.  We know what we know when we hear ourselves say it to someone else and hear their response.

Children who have people-smart strengths prefer group work and are excellent brainstormers. They can also understand others well as they read and respond to body language and facial feedback. Therefore, as I wrote in that blog, it’s a very important smart for school and life.

Today’s blog and Diana’s video are about self smart – the smart that’s the opposite of people smart. When we’re being self smart, we think deeply inside of ourselves. We reflect on our ideas and experiences. As a result, we can be quiet in learning situations and sometimes appear to be slow. Deep thinking can’t be rushed. We may choose to have fewer friends than others.

Because children with self-smart strengths are comfortable with their own thoughts, they can be quite independent. Diana does a great job, as always, of summarizing other strengths of this smart. It’s good to keep in mind that too much of a good thing isn’t a good thing. This is a core teaching of Celebrate Kids and it’s worth mentioning now.

Also, it’s important to awaken this smart early and strengthen it because it’s the smart we use for understanding ourselves. If you think of times when you don’t understand yourself and how you feel, you’ll be face-to-face with how important this smart is. I’m concerned it’s being awakened later because of technology use. Children aren’t used to being quiet and they don’t prioritize knowing themselves. Rather, they want others to know and affirm them.

As with the other videos, enjoy it and benefit from it. Watch it with children so they have a new way of understanding themselves. You’ll have plenty to talk about. I’m so glad you care!

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Diana Waring is one of the pioneers of homeschooling. For nearly three decades she has been an author and speaker to the international homeschool movement. Diana is the author and publisher of the History Revealed curriculum, the Experience History Through Music series (William T. Anderson authored one of the titles in this series), Beyond Survival, Reaping the Harvest, and numerous world history and homeschool encouragement audio CDs. She is a video blogger, blogger, columnist for The Homeschool Minute, guest writer at The Old Schoolhouse magazine, curriculum writer, singer/composer, actress/playwright, wife, and homeschool mom. To learn more, please visit[/callout]