Different Is Just Different

Different isn’t bad. Different is just different.

I often encourage parents to believe this and to state it to children who complain when expected to do something that is different. On Monday I experienced this truth.

With my friend and fellow pro-life speaker, Lauren Roman, I went to the Fossil Rim Safari in Glen Rose, Texas, on Monday. I have been many times so I naturally expected it to be like my past experiences. It wasn’t. 

At the beginning, I explained how it was different and that I was surprised. I then realized that Lauren did not need to hear me say those things and it wasn’t going to do me any good to compare.

The longer the safari went on, the more I decided I liked the changes. If I would’ve stayed in the past it would’ve been easy to be disappointed and even angry. I’m grateful I was living in the present and that I was able to see what was good and right.

Different isn’t bad or wrong. Different is just different. Sometimes different is very, very good. 

How can you help your children believe something different can be good?