| from John Hannigan |

I have to admit I have had writer’s block. We have been in a crazy season of ministry where there is never enough time to do what needs to be done. The list keeps growing longer… and you end up in a hole.

Does this ever happen to you? The list grows and your ability to get the list finished diminishes. The goalposts seem to always move farther and farther away from you. You find yourself just trying to stay above water. 

Then you realize you have a power greater than yourself. You have the Lord with you to help you power through. So you rewrite the list, prioritizing as you go. You dig out of the hole, not because everything is perfectly done, but because you realize you put yourself in the hole with the desire of perfection. You just chip away at things one at a time. You realize that done is better than perfect, because we can’t deliver that anyway. 

Jesus doesn’t expect perfection from us. If he did we would all fail miserably. What he does expect is for us to lean on Him. Oftentimes over the past year Dr. Kathy and I have had to move the ministry forward through tough decisions. There have been many times when the decisions seemed bigger than we would want to handle. As we were both seeking guidance from the Lord we often had the same answer before we met. We didn’t have to walk alone, we had the Lord to lead us. The details and the way to get there may be different based on our unique perspective, but the end result is the same. 

Often it is in the hole that you start doubting. Did God really call me to this? Is all of this worth it? 

Then it happens! For me it was standing in a booth in Nashville at the Teach Them Diligently homeschool convention this past weekend. What was it? The confirmation that I needed that God is in it! It came from a woman in Nashville telling me how moved she was by the message Dr. Kathy spoke on Five to Thrive. Then sharing with her how Kathy had impacted my life all those years ago brought the reminder God needed me to hear. He IS in this! So we keep working, moving forward, taking on the next thing one at a time.

This week we are on planes to Rogers, AR, for another week of ministering to families at Teach Them Diligently! Pray for the team that we would have a passion to minister first and foremost.  Pray that we focus on the ministry in front of us.

And, what about you? This week, whether your hole is the pile of laundry, your to-do list at work, or being a busy and involved parent, know you are not alone. Then start getting it done, one pile, one task, one decision at a time! And, while you’re working, look for God to confirm what you need to know about the value of your efforts and accomplishments.

John Hannigan has been passionate about helping both businesses and families for over twenty years. Married to his best friend, Melissa, and father to four wonderful kiddos, John’s passion and zest for life keeps him and his family always ready for the next adventure. Whether he is leading mission trips to Puerto Rico, serving families in his local church, guiding strategy and vision sessions with his clients, or taking his family on a spontaneous trip while keeping everyone laughing, John glorifies God each day by using the talents and gifts he has been given. He is excited to contribute to the Celebrate Kids team.