Every Monday, I’ll post about discovering genuine hope and authentic answers for living a healthy life.

Do you extend hope to others? If you have some, I hope you do. We shouldn’t keep it to ourselves.

Does it have to be a big deal? A time consuming conversation? The giving away of something you value? No. Might it be? Yes, and it would be worth it.

Can it be

  • a smile shared as you walk past a coworkers? Yes.
  • a genuine question, asking someone how she is, and showing with body language, eye contact, and facial expression, that you do want and care about a real answer? Yes.
  • an anonymous gift of money to someone who needs it? Yes.
  • asking someone for practical help so a need you have is met, but more importantly so that person sees he can contribute and be a blessing? Yes.
  • a prayer spoken to God on someone’s behalf? Yes.
  • a card sent just to let someone know you’re thinking of him and he’s not alone? Yes.
  • a gift of things to help someone having a hard time? Yes.
  • volunteering with an organization that is meeting needs? Yes.
  • telling others about the source of your hope? Yes.
  • listening to someone who’s hurting and searching for something or someone more? Yes.
  • contributing to an organization whose work you value? Yes.
  • sharing your joy? Yes.
  • sharing your concerns so someone can bless and encourage you by their presence, advice, and prayers? Yes.
  • teaching truths to replace lies? Yes.
  • offering light to people living in darkness? Yes.
  • love? Yes. Unconditional love. Definitely. Love that shows up and lasts. Absolutely.

This past weekend, the theme of my church’s missions weekend was “Extend Hope.” In that context, the hope we were challenged to extend is our love for Jesus Christ. Those of us who know Him and have been saved from our sin through our faith in God should be talking about Him and our new life. He is the good news. The best news. He is hope.

Extending hope as I’ve described above are ways of sharing Christ without talking about Him. If we don’t extend hope in these ways to the people we know, why would they believe us when we choose to talk about the Jesus we know and love? Do you see the connection? Slow down and read the question again.

What will you do now? How will you extend hope? How will you involve your children? Don’t wait. Too many people need it. They need Him. Therefore, they need you.