Embrace The Word Of God

The answers to my question were important. On Facebook I asked people to tell me what causes them to be confident in God. On January, I included their answers in my blog. Many people included knowing truths from God’s Word and seeing them proven true in their lives. Many people also listed answered prayers as a reason to trust God. A third common response was seeing God in their circumstances. His faithfulness was the most common attribute listed. Some people mentioned experiencing His presence. Some included hearing the stories of transformation in others. As one friend wrote, “If God can do THAT with them, could he not also do that with me?”

I pray my blog post was an encouragement to some who question whether the God of the Bible is real or are having a season of doubt. But, that’s not the main reason I asked the question.

I thought we could draw important conclusions from adults’ answers when we think about what our children need to know about the God of the Bible. Do you want kids you know to be confident in God? I hope you do.

Therefore, let’s make sure they see us embrace the Word of God and turn to Scripture in times of need. Let’s show them exact verses that have been true in our lives. When we see that they’re curious about Scripture and we see them turn to the Word, let’s affirm them. Let’s make sure to teach them truths from God‘s Word that will matter to them because of the situations they find themselves in.

Let’s make sure children hear us pray and more importantly testify to God‘s answers. I think it’s likely that kids hear us pray at meals and maybe at bedtime, but do we remember to tell them how God answered in ways that we know were best for us?

When we tell our children stories about our past, let’s remember to tell them about God’s role. Tell them what He did for us. Tell them how He protected us. Let’s remember to share times we know He led us, provided for us, comforted us, and taught us what we needed to know. Let’s tell stories about others, too.

How are you doing at all of this? What changes would you like to make? God bless you as you prioritize your children and God!