Encouraging The Genius Quality - Playfulness

Encouraging The Genius Quality – Playfulness

Do you sometimes wonder if your children are brighter than others? Geniuses, perhaps? Dr. Tom Armstrong asked those questions and others, resulting in his important work regarding the 12 genius qualities.  Last Wednesday, I wrote about the genius quality of curiosity.

Playfulness: “An attitude toward life.”

Dr. Thomas Armstrong

Playfulness is another quality Dr. Armstrong noticed geniuses have in common. It’s an attitude toward life. Nothing is ever too serious. In a more traditional use of the word, they also play well.

Do you describe your children with any of these words? Are they frisky, whimsical, comical, spirited, fond of fun, lighthearted, merry, perky, and gentle? If they are, it’s because they exhibit the genius quality of playfulness. Good for them!

Although it can be challenging for some adults to value this genius quality, if you’re described with words like these, you’re a genius!

Be encouraged. It’s never too late to develop a latent sense of fun in ourselves, and never too early to fan that spark in others.

Even in the middle of work, the mind of the genius will play, experiment, wonder, ponder, and discover. They may appear to not focus because of these qualities. Does a lack of focus describe one or more children or adults you know? Encouraging parents to see the good in kids who are easily distracted is always a privilege.

For geniuses, play comes easily and is a natural part of their day. With others, there’s an easy give-and-take. Playfulness is one fun way we translate our curiosity questions into experiments that result in possible answers. It’s how much of the world around us and in us can be discovered and understood.

Watch this week to see if your kids get into trouble because they’re playful. Do they play with their food? Not stay serious as long as you’d like when having a discussion? Imagine, create, and discover when you’d like them to just get some work done?

What are some positive ways to respond to playful geniuses? We can do this!