The way we and our children are smart is relevant to so much. Learning. Studying. Teaching. Relationships. Friendships. Marriage. Parenting. Spiritual growth. Hobbies. Careers.

There are other areas of relevance that have been on my mind lately. Emotional health. Stress relief. Energy vs. fatigue. The way we grieve. If you’re familiar with the 8 great smarts, have you found that they’re relevant to these issues, too?

Fascinated. That’s how I am when I think about how my weaker smarts help me relieve stress and increase energy in the midst of fatigue. I would have thought using them would add to my stress and make me tired because of the effort I’d have to use.

For example, picture smart isn’t one of my strengths because I don’t naturally think in pictures. Rather, I especially think with questions, words, and people. I’ve never been interested in or good at art. I had my colors analyzed to help with planning my wardrobe. You get the idea.

Yet, I’ll admit to being one of those adults who has recently purchased coloring books. I first did this when I was sick waiting for my February surgery. I found it so relaxing that I’ve told my friends and staff that I will continue coloring.

Because coloring uses my brain differently I’m able to rest the parts that are tried from possibly being overworked. When I’m coloring, I don’t have to think with words or questions. There’s no right or wrong way of coloring. Although I thought I might be stressed by trying to choose colors, that’s not the case. I’m able to relax and just decide, not worrying about what color someone else might have chosen.

Reading fiction on my recent flights was also refreshing. I don’t think I’ll ever enjoy it as much as my sister-in-law and some friends do, because the action doesn’t come alive in my mind, but I did enjoy it. When I do read fiction, I choose mysteries so I can use some logic-smart abilities. This helps to compensate for the fact that I don’t have as many pictures in my mind to think with while reading.

Is this relevant to you or your children? Are there weaker smarts you don’t use often that you could use to rest your others? Might you find it relaxing like I have? I’d love to know your thoughts.