Dr. Kathy Says…

They reminded me of my mom.

On a recent flight, I enjoyed listening to the two women who were sitting across the aisle from me. They were similar in age and from the same city, but they didn’t know each other. By the end of the flight they had made plans to get together later in the week.

There was a beautiful rhythm to their conversation. One shared and the other listened. Then the other woman took her turn. They didn’t hurry each other.

They weren’t competing. I didn’t sense any attitude like, “My husband is better than yours.” They enjoyed sharing and learning. Their genuine interest in each other – total strangers a few minutes ago – inspired me.

They talked about favorite books, recipes, Bible studies, and restaurants. It was obvious that they knew themselves well and had confidence in their preferences and ideas while still being open to others. Refreshing!

A lady seated in the row in front of them was clearly not happy that these women were getting to know each other. Although she had pods in her ears and was playing solitaire on a device, she turned around several times as if to ask, “Do you have to be so friendly?” They weren’t overly loud and it didn’t appear that she needed to concentrate, but she wasn’t happy.

On the other hand, I chose to enjoy their joy. I thought of my mom. She loved sharing about her life, making friends, and learning about others and new opportunities. She would have enjoyed these women and meeting them for breakfast at the end of the week.

I don’t ever want to be so caught up in my work that I ignore people. They’re not just what makes the world go ‘round. They inspire me, delight me, and make me a better person.

We’re created for community and I don’t ever want to lose the art of conversation. What about you?

Dr. Kathy Koch (“cook”), is the founder and president of Celebrate Kids, Inc., based in Fort Worth, Texas. She has influenced thousands of parents, teachers, and children in 30 countries through keynote messages, seminars, chapels, banquet talks, and other events. She is a regular speaker for Care Net, Summit Ministries, and Axis. She also speaks for other organizations, churches, schools, and pregnancy resource centers. In addition, she hosts Celebrate Kids conferences through their Ignite the Family conference division. She is also a popular guest on Focus on the Family radio, she was featured in Kirk Cameron’s movie, Connect, and she has written and published five books with Moody Publishers, including Five to Thrive, Start with the Heart, Screens and Teens, 8 Great Smarts, and No More Perfect Kids (with Jill Savage). Dr. Kathy earned a Ph.D. in reading and educational psychology from Purdue University.