Every Monday, I’ll post about discovering genuine hope and authentic answers for living a healthy life.

Purpose is purposeful. When we know why we’re alive, we’re more apt to live. Really live. Embrace life. Take it seriously. Step up to the plate. Knock it out of the park. (Okay, I couldn’t resist. Spring training has begun!!!!)

Back to the point…

Purpose is the fourth core need:

  • It follows security because we need trustworthy people to speak into our lives so we know ourselves better. And being trustworthy ourselves will help us develop our purpose.
  • It follows identity because our specific attributes and interests help us identify and embrace specific purposes.
  • It follows belonging because healthy people help us know why we’re alive, they encourage us to live long and purposeful lives, and serving others is often related to our purpose.
  • It precedes competence because our purpose motivates us to develop and strengthen necessary competencies.

I had the distinct privilege to speak Saturday to early education church-based choice servants of God. They were a delightful group. Unified. Joyful. Teachable. Open. Serious. Fun. Emotional. Thoughtful.

I enjoy every opportunity to speak into the hearts and minds of those who work with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Their roles are uniquely important because the earlier we awaken intelligences, the greater the likelihood they will be strengths. It’s in these first years of life that understandings about security are formed. Beliefs about oneself are formulated. Opinions about learning are also developed.

Every opportunity to encourage and uplift Saturday’s educators brought me great joy. I loved reminding them of their value to God, to every child they work with, and to every family unit those children represent.

Purpose drives competencies. By being reminded early in the day that they are important, they were even more teachable during the workshops they attended. They were even more motivated to gain new understandings.

Sitting up straighter. Smiling brighter. Equipped to remind their family and friends why they do what they do.

Who can you speak to today about their purpose? Who needs to know their value? Who can you build up so their joy expands and they’re more open to new ideas? Do it. Now.